Make A Statement With Wallcoverings


Make A Statement With Wallcoverings


Why not chose wallcoverings that make a bold statement, whether you decide to decorate just one feature wall or the whole room don’t be afraid to select a strong style.


Large Print

A true statement wallcovering is loud and proud, it makes no apologies for it’s brash appearance and neither should it.  Don’t be afraid to select a combination of strong colours and a bold print.  Add simple accessories that compliment the print rather than distract from it.


Shades Of Black

The days of magnolia in every room are long gone, why not take a walk on the dark side and have black coloured walls?  As long as the room can balance this out with natural light or cleverly placed lighting and furnishings feature lighter tones, then give black a go.



Whilst print remains king, texture is emerging as new contender to the throne.  A wall covering doesn’t have to physically be textured to give the illusion that it is.

That being said there are many wonderful textured wallcoverings on the market today.  Ranging from snake skin effect and feel to furry animal prints, allowing you to be as adventurous as you dare.



Stripes can elongate any room and are available in endless colour options.  Go subtle with neutral tones or have a wall to be talked about with strong colours and bold stripes.  Monochrome stripes give the most dramatic look and allow you to then accessorise with any other colours of your choice.


Chose warm tones for a calm but cosy feel.  Brights for a fun and energetic setting.  Pastels for a fresh but relaxing feeling and monochrome to add character to your room.  Make sure you have fallen in love with the colour before investing and that all your existing furniture and accessories will compliment the new wall design.


Look At Me

This style of wallpaper is often found in rooms which aren’t occupied day to day or for long periods of time, like guest rooms or bathrooms, because their extreme and unusual designs can be distracting from every day living.  They should give the wow factor when you do catch a glimpse.



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